Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 3 Part 1

At this time, Razor decided to start some more serious crimes. He purchased two firearms and he and Pete hooked up with a driver named George. He had, however, been recently arrested. Pete and Razor decided to spring him out of the prison. It was a community run prison, and it was very low security. They got in and asked a prisoner where he was ,and the prisoner told them that he had escaped himself. They left and located him, asking him if he wanted in on the armed robberies that they were planning. He enthusiastically accepted. The first job was a small record store. They, being new to armed robbery, went into the store wearing overcoats and jackets in the middle of the summer. Waiting until the store was empty, they demanded the money from the cashier. They were unaware that the store had recently emptied the register and sent it to the bank, so they made a grand total of 20 pounds and 8 copies of the Bay City Rollers' Greatest Hits album.

The second job was a rent office. It went only slightly better, and they made 100 pounds each. After this they did a few more quick jobs. There wee a few close calls, like when Razor stole a motorcycle from a shop display window, but a tire popped on some broken glass on the way out. Razor and Pete were seen too many times, and were eventually brought in for questioning by the CID. They were accused of armed robbery and picked out by every single witness.

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