Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Week Two Post B

Since I'm too lazy to look for a quote or write a letter to a character or the author, I'll just analyze the setting and the characters and stuff. A lot of the book is written from the perspective of two German prisoners of war who have escaped and are hiding out in America. Detroit, actually. They have a strange opinion of America. They don't really dislike it, as neither of them really accepted the Nazi political doctrine. They just think that it is a very strange place where you can walk down the street without being asked for your papers. They find some American to be lazy, but know that there are many equally lazy Germans. They only halfheartedly supported the war to begin with, and accept that the Germans no longer have the strength to win the war. In their mind, America is a land of opportunity, and if they must be somewhere other than Germany until the war ends, they may as well be in America.

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