Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Week Two Post A

Vocab 1: Pince-Nez: A type of glasses that work with no earpieces but by pinching the nose. Page 64.

Vocab 2: I've looked through the entire section and I can't find another one.

Figurative 1: "Bolted like a rabbit". It is a simile, it uses the word like.
Figurative 2: "He was a snake". This is a metaphor because it compares someone to something they are not without using the words like or as.
Figurative 3: " long as the fire of National Socialism burns within our breast..." This is an example of a metaphor, I think, because there is no actual fire burning and it doesn't compare anything with anything else.

Quote: Walter: "You could go to jail for that." Darcy: "I've already been." I picked this quote for two reasons. First, because it is very important to the establishment of Darcy as a hardcore bad-ass type character. Second, and most importantly, it was the first quote that I could find.

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